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Information Design

Coming soon!

Visual Identity

Brand system for 2-day education conference

Brand Design

Identity refresh for iconic contemporary art gallery

Animated short set to a clip from NPR’s Invisibilia

Icon Design

Set of icons for Antoni Gaudí’s architectural works

Modern typeface inspired by a vintage record label



June 2023
Visual System Design

A hypothetical 2-day conference that affirms the place of Queer Studies in higher education. 

Brainstorms and moodboards that helped me start pulling out visual themes to bring into the next phases of the project.

Deciding on a name and some visual elements helped me to choose assets I wanted to create for the conference. The name “Orientations” brought with it several conceptual interpretations: one, of sexual orientations; two, of school orientations; and three, of an object’s physical alignment.

I was drawn to the value of fluidity, specifically how I could convey it spatially and visually. I experimented with some variable typefaces and 3D elements in order to explore this, and eventually ended up resonating most with creating a logo that implied a 3D presence itself.

I pushed this idea further through my early poster and website iterations, experimenting with multiple axes of rotation for the logo mark as well as different approaches to color. Seeing that this logo naturally lent itself to motion, I began exploring how I could bring it to life through animation.

I created an animated GIF of the logo, frame-by-frame, in order to achieve a tactile feel. This is when I felt like things were clicking in terms of a broader visual identity. With a more concrete look coming together, I began to create video pieces and other key elements of the identity.

(turn on sound for the teaser and bumper videos, if you’d like!)